Youth Violence Prevention Partnership

The Youth Violence Prevention Partnership (YVPP) is a multi-sector collaborative partnership to support the public health approach to youth violence reduction in St. Louis.

YVPP was awarded a Safe & Thriving Communities grant. They have released their 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and their logic model, which is shown below.

As part of the grant, YVPP also worked with Think Health St. Louis to develop a Community Safety Dashboard. The Safety Dashboard is a tool to support more informed decisions regarding the safety and well-being of St. Louisans, especially youth. It takes a holistic view of the community, including crime statistics along with data on community conditions and social determinants that relate to violence. It is YVPP's hope that this dashboard leads to:

  • More coordinated violence prevention efforts

  • Data-driven and strategic decisions around violence prevention

  • Conversations around safety and violence that acknowledge structural and community conditions

  • The ultimate goal: safer communities

For more information on YVPP or their Safe & Thriving Communities plan, please email Marcel Scaife (

Youth Empowerment Summit 2019

The inaugural Youth Empowerment Summit was held on Saturday, August 24, 2019. YVPP supported this event and is proud to share the report and video from the Summit.