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VPC & The Public Health Approach

The St. Louis Area Violence Prevention Commission is a multi-sector collaborative partnership to support the public health approach to youth violence reduction in St. Louis.

VPC uses the Public Health Approach to violence prevention. While traditional Public Safety has focused on individual factors in the decisions of people who commit crimes, the Public Health Approach is an upstream model that examines access to the social determinants of health- conditions of where a person lives, learns, plays, and works- that affect their health outcomes. One of the health outcomes is whether a person is involved in violence. Social determinants of health include economic stability, education, built environment, and more. We welcome our public safety partners to the table, but also have a diverse member base including social services, schools, government, research, workforce development, mental health, and other sectors.

Examples of Public Health Approach projects might include greening of vacant lots which can be hot spots for violence, jobs programs that help high need individuals find employment, investment in expanding free or low cost early childhood education, and/or mental health programs that address community trauma and toxic stress. 

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Timeline of Launching VPC

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