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Join a Committee:

Most of the work of VPC is done through our committees. They usually meet monthly, but may meet more or less often based on their projects. Check out the descriptions below and Join a VPC Committee.

Community Engagement Committee

  • To organize and mobilize communities experiencing high levels of violence to lead violence prevention efforts with sustained support from accountable institutional partners.

Policy & Systems Change Committee

  • To partner with police to develop community informed policing practices and policies that improve police legitimacy. Police legitimacy is defined as the degree to which Citizens believe the Police are honest, trying to do their job and protecting the citizens from crime and violence.

Service Delivery & Provision Committee

  • To strengthen the nonfatal shooting response system to provide coordinated services and supports that are trauma informed and evidence based in order to reduce retaliatory violence and address the impact of trauma and toxic stress in communities.

Evaluation Committee

  • To investigate the impact of VPC’s activities on its objectives as well as crime reduction and prevention.

Communications & Cobranding Committee

  • To help VPC and our members tell the story of violence prevention efforts and successes in St. Louis and available resources for victims of violence

Municipal Engagement Taskforce

  • To identify and outreach to municipal governments, police departments, and residents interested in joining VPC and engaging in the regional action plan

Youth Safe Spaces Taskforce

  • To expand and improve the quality of safe spaces for youth, especially age 18-24, to reduce the potential for youth to be involved in violence

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