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Weekend Youth Activities

Weekend Youth Activities
Participant Safety Agreements

As a participant in extended hours programming at the City of St. Louis Recreation Centers, I will do my part to promote safety. I will not engage in prohibited behaviors and actions and understand the consequences if I do.

Prohibited Behaviors and Actions:

  • Weapons of any kind (knives, guns, mace, etc.)

  • Wearing ski masks or masks that cover your face

  • Substances (alcohol, smoking, vapes, edibles, illegal substances)

  • Violence and threats of violence

  • All forms of bullying

  • Endangering others (reckless behavior, etc.)

  • Misuse or abuse of facilities and equipment

  • Profanity and abusive language



  • Recreation center staff will determine the appropriate consequence for behaviors that disrupt event safety. Some examples of consequences are listed below. An offense at any level may result in notifying parents of the behavior and or requiring parents or their designee to pick the participant up from the event.

  • 1st offense: verbal warning

  • 2nd offense: removal from event, may come back to future event, notify parent/guardian of the behavior

  • 3rd offense: ban from all future events, notify parent/guardian of the behavior


Serious Incident/Disruption: Violence, threats of violence, bullying, use of prohibited substances, and destruction of property may result in immediate removal from the event and may result in banning from all future events.

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