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Sunset Skies

Our Values & Guiding Principles

Image by Michael Fenton

Racial Equity Focus: We demonstrate a commitment to violence prevention solutions that address racial inequity and systemic/structural racism 

Respect: We respect everyone in the community, valuing all cultures and recognizing strengths, needs, and aspirations without judgment.

Integrity: We use the highest standards of ethics and professionalism to maintain integrity and build community trust through honesty and commitment.

Data + Results Driven: We are committed to a transparent, data-driven process, including community feedback, actionable data, and evolving priorities, that results in measurable improvements/outcomes.
Community Engagement + Inclusion: Through intentional inclusion, engagement, and empowerment, we foster a culture of equity that respects and values the contributions of every individual toward a safe community.


Systems level change + regional shared plan: We achieve systemic change and policy solutions locally and within a regionally shared plan to reduce and prevent violence.

Resources: We collaborate regionally, coordinate existing resources, and develop new resources to achieve our shared vision.

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