JULY'S SPOTLIGHT: Employment Connection Program Graduates

This special Summer break program was funded by St. Louis ReCAST and allowed Employment Connection (EC) to provide the youth with soft-skills training and an introduction to entrepreneurship course. Participants had the opportunity to plan community events with EC's Cure Violence teams in their neighborhoods. EC will also place each of the youth into Summer employment positions until it is time for them to return to high school in the Fall. All participants were aged 16-17 and also received $100 gift cards as graduation presents. Congratulations, graduates!

EC Grads.PNG

JUNE'S SPOTLIGHT: Cure Violence Walnut Park Site Food Giveaway

The Walnut Park Cure Violence Team held its first Food and Supply Distribution event on Saturday, May 29th at New Northside Baptist Church. Leading up to the event, the team canvassed the community and distributing fliers. Through the event, they were able to distribute 378 Boxes of Food, 7,560 personal protective equipment (PPE) masks, 50 fun locks, 1,512 light bulbs and 378 things of hand sanitizer. The team also spent time delivering food to the Elders in the community door-to-door.

Food giveaway pic.jpg

MAY'S SPOTLIGHT: Warren Hayden from St. Louis Children's Hospital Victims of Violence Program. 

On May 13, 2021, Warren Hayden, a Cure Violence Steering Committee member visited with 8 staff members from the Wells Goodfellow/Hamilton Heights site. His goal was To review the work of Cure Violence and to increase collaboration between Children's Hospital Victim of Violence Program.


APRIL'S SPOTLIGHT: Mr. Joel Silliman from Dutchtown

How long have you lived in the Dutchtown neighborhood?

I grew up in North County and my wife in West County. We lived near Page and 270 for a couple years after we were married and moved to Dutchtown in May of 2011.

What do you love about your neighborhood?

The community and my neighbors have kept us in Dutchtown. 

Silliman 2.jpg